The other day sucked. To explain, I need to backtrack a bit. A few years back, my therapist referred me to a psychiatrist to look into getting something prescribed to help with my insomnia/fragmented sleep. He had some ideas of what to try, based on what had worked for a couple of other Aspie clients,... Continue Reading →


I tend to go on 'autopilot' at times; I'll complete a sequence of events - sometimes fairly elaborate or lengthy - without having any conscious recollection of doing so afterwards. I think we all do that sometimes. I know I've had lots of times where I've gotten halfway to a destination and didn't remember driving... Continue Reading →

The perspective of distance

Prior to starting this blog, and sort of overlapping it a bit, I've made several attempts to keep a daily journal. The 'daily' part tends to be my downfall each time; I miss a few days, and then get frustrated and abandon the effort because I didn't meet the goal I had set for myself.... Continue Reading →

Control interrupted

Well, my surge of productivity and self-improvement has kind of fizzled, mostly due to a completely disrupted routine. Between bad weather, scheduling changes, and several other things that completely derailed my normal work pattern, I'm having to get back into the flow of things. I hate routine changes, it completely messes me up. I started... Continue Reading →


This is going to be a short one because I've been up since four am and because I've just spent the last 20 minutes cleaning up my end table in the den after I dumped my water bottle of homemade electrolyte solution all over everything. :-/ Today I had my evaluation at the genetics center.... Continue Reading →

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