No words, have a spider instead

There's been a lot going on lately, and I've started at least a half dozen blog entries in my head, only to have them never make it to the keyboard. Lots going on tends to equate to 'less spoons than usual' in my world. Last night I had a really interesting dream, and I even... Continue Reading →

Regaining control

This week I had an EDS consult I'd scheduled months ago (before I even had the actual diagnosis, since she books up so far ahead for those appointments) and I think it went pretty well. I liked her, and the whole experience was pretty positive; she also has a family practice out of the office... Continue Reading →


Today I am doing a huge software upgrade at work. I've been anxious about this for months, as it is the first time I have had to coordinate something like this myself rather than just follow instructions for a project someone else managed. It involves four servers being updated and then over a hundred computers... Continue Reading →


I took up acrylic painting about five years ago, back when we lived at the last house; I'm not especially good at it, but I enjoy it very much. Or at least, I did before I got so sick. At my best, I was doing one or two paintings a week, but as my energy... Continue Reading →

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