Fluttering along

I haven't heard anything back from the genetics center yet, so I'm just trying to be patient, which isn't something I'm good at. I've been muddling through at work, trying to get caught up, and bracing myself for the numerous people-y holidays looming ahead in the next couple of months. Did I mention that I... Continue Reading →

The woman who wasn’t there

OK, so I mentioned in a recent post that I saw an apparition... here's the story. First, a disclaimer: I really  hesitated to post this,  what with it being the time of year when everywhere you turn you are bombarded with 'creepy ghost stories' and other horror elements. I didn't want to seem to be... Continue Reading →

Peeping beetle

"Hey! Let me in!" this beetle seems to be saying, drawn by the kitchen light. Eater-of-Things and the cats are in favor of this idea, for reasons not conducive to the health of the beetle. I, on the other hand, am not in favor, because I don't want to watch a half dozen cats and... Continue Reading →

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