Every day is a different adventure

I had a spell for a few weeks where my knees were complete treacherous bastards. Unless I was absolutely vigilant when walking, one or the other would slip painfully without warning several times a day. It got to where I had decided that this was my new favorite quote: This past week, they've been a... Continue Reading →


I'd originally planned a longer post tonight, but I'm sore and feeling run down, so instead I'll share some of my favorite recent spider sightings. 😀🕷️ The featured image is a big wolf spider that was running across the pavement outside our door. My partner actually spotted her and called me to come see. This... Continue Reading →


When we moved into the new house, some friends gave us a really cool hammock for the deck. It wasn't just one of those loose mesh things, but rather a canvas one hanging on a metal frame with metal bars at each end to stretch it flat. We'd always talked about getting a hammock when... Continue Reading →

Ending PT on a low note

This past Thursday marked the sixty day mark with my physical therapy; I was given the choice of continuing to come in every two weeks, or working on the exercises at home from this point on. I chose the latter option. I managed for as long as I could, but the crowded, noisy environment was... Continue Reading →


This is going to be a short one because I've been up since four am and because I've just spent the last 20 minutes cleaning up my end table in the den after I dumped my water bottle of homemade electrolyte solution all over everything. :-/ Today I had my evaluation at the genetics center.... Continue Reading →

My bendy family tree… 

So I had the recheck with the rheumatologist a week or so ago; as I had already seen on the online portal, the tests for Sjögren's syndrome and Lupus came back negative. He's sending me to a geneticist to screen for Ehlers-Danlos syndrome.  I don't know whether that's his suspicion, or whether he just doesn't... Continue Reading →

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