Some days, I am my own worst enemy

Most nights, I am in bed and reading before nine o'clock. I am so exhausted by the end of a workday that it's all I can do to get through feeding the pets, making (and eating) dinner and then maybe an episode of something on Netflix, so being snuggled down under my weighted blanket with... Continue Reading →

The holiday stress ratchets up… 

After the unpleasant mess of the last holiday, I'd hoped this one would be different. Once again, we had both family obligations to juggle, and an invite from a friend to spend Christmas with her family, something we've done for the past several years. The latter is the more appealing option, but the former is... Continue Reading →


Last week I had my routine visit with the sleep doctor. As usual, he asked about how things were going, like the last four times, I explained that the modafinil doesn't do anything for me except make me feel fried, and actually seems to cause me major problems with concentration, and like the previous times,... Continue Reading →

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