Another Millipede Monday

Actually, I've cheated and substituted a centipede, but that's what I had to work with this week. 😉 Featured Image: A small, glossy, dark reddish-brown centipede exploring the water glass I trapped it in. I had rescued it from the cats, and released it outdoors after taking the photo.

The return of Millipede Monday!

My partner found this gorgeous millipede pretending to be dead in our laundry room, and brought it to me. 🙂 I think it's probably Sigmoria latior, known as the red-sided or flat-backed millipede. I find them under decaying leaves when I'm gardening pretty often; it can be startling when it's an individual that's bright yellow... Continue Reading →

Millipede(less) Monday and burnout

Well, all things must come to an end and there were no millepede sightings in my house last week, thus no Millipede Monday today. Here is a pretty little green lacewing I spotted on my deck railing, instead. In our house, we nicknamed these 'tinkerbelles' since they look like little fairy creatures. Delicate appearance aside,... Continue Reading →

Thank my cat for this… 

I figured I'd gotten all the mileage I was going to from #millipedeMonday but when I got home for lunch, I found one trapped under a glass that my partner had saved from Basement Cat1 so here you go. That's a spinner ring from Stimtastic in the picture, by the way.2 1As with the dogs, this is... Continue Reading →

Millipede Monday

This one was 'speeding' (for a millipede) down my downstairs hallway just now. Luckily I found it before one of the resident felines or eater-of-things spotted it. 

Waves of legs

I've been too wiped out to write, the past few days, but the tachycardia is somewhat better. When I send back the heart monitor, I'll have to include a note to ignore all of the times I accidentally clicked the button on the stupid thing while trying to scratch at the maddeningly itchy tape on... Continue Reading →

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