Dogs and Cats and POTS, oh my!

My four days of solitude passed much faster than I would have liked. On the first day, my biggest accomplishment was to trigger some sort of POTS episode that almost made me pass out (more on this in a bit) and by the second day, I felt guilty for sitting around and embarked upon one... Continue Reading →

A great weekend! 

I took Friday off (and needed it, as I had a wretched day at work Thursday) to celebrate one of those occasions that involves presents and cake - in this case, a homemade black forest cake. My partner is awesome. 🙂  I had a relaxing day that day, taking a long walk with the little... Continue Reading →


I took up acrylic painting about five years ago, back when we lived at the last house; I'm not especially good at it, but I enjoy it very much. Or at least, I did before I got so sick. At my best, I was doing one or two paintings a week, but as my energy... Continue Reading →

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