Tumbleweed head

After being at work for almost an hour (and having several interactions including briefly meeting with my boss to discuss a project) I went to the restroom, and while washing my hands, glanced at the mirror to discover that I had forgotten to brush my hair this morning. Whoops! I have really long wiry hair... Continue Reading →

Digital quicksand

This morning I saw that Dream Walden was kind enough to nominate my blog for an online award called the Liebster Award. I really did appreciate the gesture. 🙂 However, as I started reading about the reward, which came with a set of requirements, I realized two things. One was that this looked familiar, like... Continue Reading →

I dress like a six year old

I was picking up a few things at the grocery store the other day when I heard a small voice say "excuse me" and I looked down to see a little girl, maybe six years old, standing beside me staring up at me shyly. "I love your coat!" she exclaimed. I was caught off guard... Continue Reading →

(Human) faces make me anxious

I've been trying to come up with a witty title for this post all day, but I worried what I thought was humorous would just come off as snarky (such as one rejected title "Dear Neurotypicals: plastering your faces all over things does not make me want to buy them") and so instead I just... Continue Reading →

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