Minus ten points for the socks

This morning I was determined to pay more attention to my 'getting dressed' process. Colors match? Check. Going with all black so not an issue. Shirt not inside out or backwards? Check. This was a problem last week. Shoes are from the same pair? Check. Hey, I am doing good today. :mentally pats self on... Continue Reading →

The perspective of distance

Prior to starting this blog, and sort of overlapping it a bit, I've made several attempts to keep a daily journal. The 'daily' part tends to be my downfall each time; I miss a few days, and then get frustrated and abandon the effort because I didn't meet the goal I had set for myself.... Continue Reading →

In Space, No One Can See You Stim

Warning: some slight spoilers for the movie "Life" ahead Since my narcolepsy diagnosis (and the health disaster that ensued as a result of my bad reaction to the meds) and then, even more so, discovering that I'm on the Autism spectrum, I have steadily scaled back how much social interaction I have. Some of that... Continue Reading →

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