Smoke detector battery syndrome

Last night I got up at about one AM to go to the bathroom, which is not unusual. What was unusual is that when I came back to my bedroom, it was strangely quiet. The portable air conditioner, which had been running when I left the room, now... was not. 'Hmmmm... maybe I bumped the... Continue Reading →

Busted Thermostat 

I have had a couple of "good weeks" where my various odd symptoms were much improved; things seem to wax and wane, but I suspect that all the antihistamines I am taking for the poison ivy played a part, which maybe points in the direction of at least part of my issue being maybe something... Continue Reading →

My boss is awesome

So I have this coworker who is the nicest, sweetest guy in the world but he drives me batty. We have adjacent offices and he makes... noises. Lots of noises. Knuckle rapping and knocking sounds mostly, but sometimes finger snapping, as well as often a repetitive creaking sound that I assume is made by rocking... Continue Reading →

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