(By the way, this is not the dream post that I tried to start a few days ago. That one is still marinating in my drafts folder.) So after several false starts, spring has finally sprung in my neck of the woods! Everything is growing, blooming, bursting with life (and pollen 😮) and it's so... Continue Reading →

No words, have a spider instead

There's been a lot going on lately, and I've started at least a half dozen blog entries in my head, only to have them never make it to the keyboard. Lots going on tends to equate to 'less spoons than usual' in my world. Last night I had a really interesting dream, and I even... Continue Reading →


I realize it's been awful quiet over here the past few weeks, (cue crickets chirping) but I've been involved in a large messy project at work that has a hard deadline of August 31, so it's likely to continue to at least that point if not longer. Right now I am just trying to hang... Continue Reading →

In Space, No One Can See You Stim

Warning: some slight spoilers for the movie "Life" ahead Since my narcolepsy diagnosis (and the health disaster that ensued as a result of my bad reaction to the meds) and then, even more so, discovering that I'm on the Autism spectrum, I have steadily scaled back how much social interaction I have. Some of that... Continue Reading →

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