The other day sucked. To explain, I need to backtrack a bit. A few years back, my therapist referred me to a psychiatrist to look into getting something prescribed to help with my insomnia/fragmented sleep. He had some ideas of what to try, based on what had worked for a couple of other Aspie clients,... Continue Reading →

Still here

It's been over a month since I have posted. Life got in the way. Mostly, I've been dog-paddling my way through the messy situation at work. There were a couple of meltdowns and lots of stress, and I took a week off to recoup my sanity. Tomorrow I go back and I won't say there... Continue Reading →

Traveling while autistic

I have a friend who has recently discovered AirBnB. She and her husband rent out a property they own to vacationers and tourists to our area, and they've also used the service for vacationing, themselves. She's an outgoing person who likes to shop for deals, so it works for her. When she found out (via... Continue Reading →

Snow daze

I meant to get on this blog all last week; getting that diagnosis was such a huge thing after many years being bounced from specialist to specialist and there  is so much I want to say about all this, but my POTS and other dysautonomia symptoms have been really out of control lately and it... Continue Reading →

Invasion, Part One – the setting

I've been wanting to post about this for days, but it's hard to know how much backstory is needed for it to make sense and I've been pretty low on spoons with everything that is going on. Anyway hopefully this will give enough context... First, a bit of current event info: every two years or... Continue Reading →

Don’t go away mad, just go away

The dreaded family visit went better in some ways - and much worse in others - than I had expected. I am still recovering. The parents had a good time, and that was what the day was supposed to be all about - celebrating Father's Day and my partner's dad getting to see the house.... Continue Reading →

My week, so far

I created this image of my broken heat pump with a WannaCry malware infection screen over it as a joke, but it kind of captures what my week has been like so far quite nicely, except that I couldn't figure out how to also superimpose the giant medical bill that came yesterday and the two... Continue Reading →


Today was not the greatest of days. I had all sorts of logistical problems to work out that involved interaction and cooperation with others: specifically for those others to make the judgment call as to when some critical server reboots needed to take place. My job deals with public safety equipment, and if there's something... Continue Reading →

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