Dogs and Cats and POTS, oh my!

My four days of solitude passed much faster than I would have liked. On the first day, my biggest accomplishment was to trigger some sort of POTS episode that almost made me pass out (more on this in a bit) and by the second day, I felt guilty for sitting around and embarked upon one... Continue Reading →

POTS for breakfast

I had another bad night; three and a half hours of sleep to follow up on the five I got the night before. Last week, I felt really good and was even sleeping much better, and this week it's like every single thing is flaring up - I'm not sure why, except that maybe 'what... Continue Reading →

POTS is (still) the pits

I had a good spell for a little while where the POTS and other dysautonomia symptoms improved so much that I started to question whether I had just exaggerated how bad they were to begin with, in my mind. I don't know if that sounds weird, but I have this constant worry that people will... Continue Reading →

I’m Baaaaack… 

Hope you enjoyed the holiday, but I'm back now,  so have fun feeling like you are going to pass out every time you stand up, again. Love, POTS Featured Image: Display from health app showing a maximum heart rate of 187 just from going up a flight of stairs. 

Millipede(less) Monday and burnout

Well, all things must come to an end and there were no millepede sightings in my house last week, thus no Millipede Monday today. Here is a pretty little green lacewing I spotted on my deck railing, instead. In our house, we nicknamed these 'tinkerbelles' since they look like little fairy creatures. Delicate appearance aside,... Continue Reading →

POTS is the pits

Featured Image: a slightly scruffy looking black, yellow, and blue swallowtail butterfly, hovered in mid-flight over the flowers of a privet bush. This week was rough. Because I have taken next week off as vacation time (more of a recuperation period than a vacation) my intention was to focus on getting as many of my... Continue Reading →

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