Recharging and refocusing

My partner left early this morning to visit an old school friend for the next four days. Since getting the nine pets taken care of in the morning is a lot of work, and I am still feeling run down from the Charleston trip, I decided to take today and tomorrow off to have four... Continue Reading →

POTS for breakfast

I had another bad night; three and a half hours of sleep to follow up on the five I got the night before. Last week, I felt really good and was even sleeping much better, and this week it's like every single thing is flaring up - I'm not sure why, except that maybe 'what... Continue Reading →

Sleep Attack

Fridays are my stimulant-free day at work. I discussed that with my employer back when I was first diagnosed with narcolepsy and starting the modafinil (ProVigil) as I figured taking Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays off would give my body almost as many days off the medication as on it, to keep me from developing a... Continue Reading →

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