Stupid EDS tricks

A few minutes ago I was sitting at my desk at work eating a peach, and discovered after I bit into it that the peach was really, really ripe. This made it quite tasty, but also excessively messy. One of my sensory quirks is that I don't like my food touching me, especially things that... Continue Reading →

POTS for breakfast

I had another bad night; three and a half hours of sleep to follow up on the five I got the night before. Last week, I felt really good and was even sleeping much better, and this week it's like every single thing is flaring up - I'm not sure why, except that maybe 'what... Continue Reading →


I had my first EDS-related dream last night. In the dream, I was frustrated and annoyed because my left shoulder kept subluxating constantly. It didn't hurt, but there was a sort of shift-bump-click that kept happening every time I moved my arm and it was irking me to no end in the dream. Incidentally, this... Continue Reading →

My bendy family tree… 

So I had the recheck with the rheumatologist a week or so ago; as I had already seen on the online portal, the tests for Sjögren's syndrome and Lupus came back negative. He's sending me to a geneticist to screen for Ehlers-Danlos syndrome.  I don't know whether that's his suspicion, or whether he just doesn't... Continue Reading →

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