POTS for breakfast

I had another bad night; three and a half hours of sleep to follow up on the five I got the night before. Last week, I felt really good and was even sleeping much better, and this week it's like every single thing is flaring up - I'm not sure why, except that maybe 'what... Continue Reading →

No spoons. 

My father is back across the border; it was weird and awkward and frustrating... and I am so drained that I almost didn't make it through the day at work today. I've got my 'Part Four' post mostly done but it needs some editing for coherency - once I'm actually, you know, coherent.  So for... Continue Reading →

Sleep Attack

Fridays are my stimulant-free day at work. I discussed that with my employer back when I was first diagnosed with narcolepsy and starting the modafinil (ProVigil) as I figured taking Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays off would give my body almost as many days off the medication as on it, to keep me from developing a... Continue Reading →

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