I'd originally planned a longer post tonight, but I'm sore and feeling run down, so instead I'll share some of my favorite recent spider sightings. 😀🕷️ The featured image is a big wolf spider that was running across the pavement outside our door. My partner actually spotted her and called me to come see. This... Continue Reading →

It must be spring!

I spotted this little guy in the employee restroom at work and chased him around with a paper towel until I trapped him safely. Hopefully he hadn't been in there long enough to get a lethal dose of whatever they routinely spray with. I am calling it a wolf spider based on the markings and... Continue Reading →


Today I am doing a huge software upgrade at work. I've been anxious about this for months, as it is the first time I have had to coordinate something like this myself rather than just follow instructions for a project someone else managed. It involves four servers being updated and then over a hundred computers... Continue Reading →

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